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Talked to my GI today!

hey everyone, i got a call from my GI today (first time i have talked to him since my surgery in feb) he asked how i was feeling, and all of the usual questions aswell, to my suprise he said to me he wants to actively pursue trying to reconnect me! i was told after my last sugery that my bag was going to be perminate, so you can see why i was so suprised!! I have to go into Boston in the morning to talk to him about what were going to do.. He said that he wants to put me back on the methotrexate and the humira, which i usually would have no problem with, but iam still wide open from the last surgery and those to meds slow down healing greatly.. But the first step is, he needs to scope the stoma to make sure the CD is not in my small intestines or the stoma, and the second step is going to be a scope to check the 6 inches of rectum i have left to check on scaring and to see whats there.. I know its good news but iam not going to get my hopes up because i dont have the best of luck.. Well i will let you all know what he says when i get home tomorrow!


Hi joshua thats great news i wish you all the best with the tests to come.


wow, thats great news. I hope it can happen for you.
good luck for the tests, and let us know what the results are?