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Taper speeds question

We attempted once again to taper my prednisone now that Im on Imuran AND Humira.
I was on 30-40 mg dosages from June 2014 til now. GI had me initially go from 40 to 30 with a plan to drop 10mg every 7 days.
This did not go well... at all....

Im now back to 35mg a day for the next 3 weeks, and then drop by 5 mg every 21 days.

What speeds have you all seen?

(total side note- the phrase "you are the kind of patient we have to watch very carefully in these situations" is NOT something one wants to hear from ones specialist)
My son ended up dropping 5 every 2 weeks. I hope your new plan works. Are you having side effects from the steroids?
Mine was slow slow slow, kept trying even at 1 mg/2-3 weeks, then .5 mg. Never could get off without flare, so they switched me to Budesonide, which most people take only short term but I've been on 9mg/day for years (as well as Lialda, Remicade, Omeprazole, and other supplements). I've discussed with md, he thinks even long term use is preferable to another resection....