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Tapering off entocort ouch!!!

So I've been on entocort for about 2 months and have been feeling a lot better no more bloody poops!!!! Well until I started tapering that is for the last 3 days I've been having more abdominal pain and the bloody poops is back so I guess it's time to go back to 9mg a day instead of 6mg just sucks cause I thought I was doing so good :,-(
I too have been on Entocort for 2 months, started to taper off the other day and bloody stool came back. Last night had severe pain in my lower right side. Is this expected do you think?
I'm not sure but my dr did say if I start showing signs of a flare to pick back up to 9mg a day so that's what I'm gonna do tomorrow I already feel like my insides are getting sluggish and cramps I don't wanna go there again anytime soon and I sure don't want a painful bottom again!!! I'm sure there be a maintenance drug in my near future if I can't come off entocort :-(
I'm in the same boat just started the taper and all the systoms came back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgggg!! Not sure if it was the taper or if I was having a flare I was on 3mg for a month and currently on 2mg and not doing well at all!!!!! Next week need to start 1mg have a feeling will be going back up. Is there long term issues being on this????? thanks