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Tapering Off Stelara

I have been on Stelara for almost 5 years. Initially every 8 weeks, then every 4 weeks, now with symptoms controlled I am at about every 7 to 10 weeks. Over the past few years they have found a cyst on my pancreas, which is stable but worried that it is premalignant ( not sure if coincidence or related to stelara). The pancreatic cyst has been there at least 1 year after starting Stelara. Since my symptoms are well controlled as I am extending out the Stelara dose to 10 weeks, is it worth it to just stop Stelara cold turkey? I am not sure that Stelara is actually doing anything, as I feel that my symptoms are mostly related to diet and stress, and no recurrent of symptoms as I am extending out the Stelara dosing.