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Tashi Delek.

Here's my story:

I was diagnosed a couple months ago. I had been sick for around a year. I started with a chronic cough, and was told I had a bronchial infection. Biaxin, then Ceftin for that. Nothing happened.

Then, I started losing weight. The idea was that I was anorexic, which didn't really make sense...

Then, after my doc realized that perhaps I was actually sick, I was told I was lactose intolerant.... So, over the summer, I went milk-free. Cough went away. But I didn't get better.

This great stuff continued until my doc mentioned that she had a "feeling" that it was immune-related. Sweet. A "feeling"...

Anyways, I eventually developed a terrible abscess in the most terrible of places, and saw a nasty surgeon. He didn't do anything... Except diagnose me.

So, I got a colonoscopy, and went on Budesonide (Entocort 9mg) and something like... 3500mg of Salofalk. Quit the entocort, as it didn't do anything.

Now, I'm waiting for a seton placement, my order for Vivonex (an elemental diet) to come through, and possibly Remicade in the future.

Yeah.... anything else, just ask. :thumright:

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Hi there :welcome: You are lucky to get a quick diagnosis... Entocort is for mild cases, but hopefully you dont have to go on Prednisone, the longer you avoid it the better. I have not been on the elemental diet, and good luck with it. Remicade has helped many!!! Glad you joined us !!


Hi and welcome!

I hope the entocort works in the meantime till you get on the elemental. How long will you have to do that? I hope it gives your guts the break that you need.

You'll find lots of good info and support around here. Any questions, just ask!

- Amy
Well, one of my doctor's (haha, an unfortunate byproduct of being overly interesting) is supposed to call me today, in regards to getting samples of the stuff from my dietitian. If I can tolerate it (i've been told many resort to intubation because it's foul), she's going to fill out the form for me to get them for one week, and then one month through public health. Free!

I'm kinda excited, as i've heard good things about it (other than the taste)... Plus, it's possible that I won't even have BM's on it! Cool eh?


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When I was on the elemental diet, after preparing t with water, I added the flavoured syrup that you add to milk (it comes in chocolate and strawberry - I think it is called Quik). The GI and dieticitians did not have an issue with this and it made it easier on the taste buds.

This may help.