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Team Challenge Vegas!

I was on the ccfa.org website and saw the team challenge for the half marathon. Is anyone going to do that? I am pretty interested although I hate running, but I think it would be great for comradery and self pride of completing a half marathon.
I'm signed up and dedicated to going! I ran a bit years ago, but nothing lately due to Crohn's. Now after my surgery, I feel great. I'm doing the "couch to 5k" program to get started. It's a great program to ease anyone into running. I'm on week 5 and have a 5k scheduled in 2 weeks. Then it's on to half marathon training. Not as much time as I'd like to train, but it will be fun.
I did my first 5k this past weekend and had a blast. It wasn't your normal 5k though...its called Warrior Dash and had some different obstacles and crawling through mud...more of a fun run than a race.
I did the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon last year for CCFA. We had a motto of "Leaving the craps in Vegas for Crohn's and Colitis"

1) If you do this, dress insanely warm. I underestimated how cold it would actually be. By the end of the 13 miles my hands were locked into place. It was near freezing at the start of the race, by the end it was only 41 Degrees.

2) If you are doing this through your local chapter start fund raising early. It is worth it to get your entire trip paid for. The big banquet with all of the chapters is really great and motivating.

3) During the race there are sooooo many people in orange cheering you on. Was such a great experience.

4) If you are fund raising don't be afraid to badger people and don't forget to find out if your company does matching.

I might do it again this year but on my own without doing all the fund raising. Last year I was very sick when I did it (had to pop a bunch of percoet and immodium at race time), managed to get about 6 miles in before I had to hit the bathroom. I made it the full distance, but felt pretty lousy afterwards. Think I would enjoy it more this year now that I am not so sick.