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Technology, need Help with Avatar


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I've tried posting an Avatar to get rid of that ugly question mark. Long ago I simply gave up on pictures, so I tried to do a simple text, still no go. In any case I have no clue how to do this. I tried clicking on custom, and then tried to upload a small quote from 'my documents' and then get an invalid file message.
Here is what I am running. Windows 10 on a laptop computer. I used Microsoft word as the typewriter program. I know very little about computers and nothing when it comes to those new phones.


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Lets do this. Thanks, The simplest way for me would be to cut and paste this into the body of this post;

[FONT=&quot]The man can be taken from the wilderness, but the wilderness cannot be taken from the man.[/FONT]


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New York, USA
Ok, before I finalize anything - is this where you wanted an avatar? Under your name.....I picked a picture out by random, if you have one for me to use I can easily change it.....I can't just put text in there unless I use a blank image....


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A black back ground would give it better contrast for sure.
I must say that the Dinosaur was funny, some would say that it describes me at times in the mornings. However, what remains of my dental work is of no comparison.