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Teenager with Crohn's Disease

Hi to everyone here on this forum. My name is Bruno, i'm almost 18 years old, i live in Croatia ( Central Europe ) and i was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in summer 2011 ( July ). I wanted to write my story because obviously i am bored at the moment and i spend a lot of time on computer doing nothing smart so i've decided to write a post here to support you guys and maybe to get some support from you, my dear related members. So, before i was diagnosed with that incurable disease i had a really normal life, no complications or anything serious. All the symptoms that i had started at May 18th, that is my birthday. How weird huh? :/ First symptom that i got was anal fissure. I remember i woke up for school and i felt some pain in my anal area when i was walking and sitting in school. When i came home i told my parents that i have some pains down there and we went for a doctors advice. She told me that i have anal fissure, gave me some cream and it passed away after a week. Then i got temperature, first it was 38 something, but it never falling under the 37. I've had cramps also but they were not related with food and whatever i ate i had to go to the bathroom. Doctor put me on a liquid diet ( tea + toast bread ) for a week. I lost weight. It didnt help me so i went in a hospital for a 10 days observation + examinations. I had to do colonoscopy, gastroscopy, digital rectal examinations, blood tests, urine test, abdominal ultrasound and thats all i think. The worst examination was colonoscopy... I had to drink 9 liters of bitter laxative tea without any food. It was soo hard, i thought i was going to die. Every 5 minutes i had to go to the bathroom. Worst day ever.

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy was done under anestesia so it didnt hurt a thing, only after the gastroscopy when i woke up i felt little pain in my throat, thats all. After all those examinations the decision was up to me: cortico steroids ( side effects but you get better very fast ) or enteral nutrition ( 6-8 weeks, long process, guaranteed remission. ) I've chosen enteral nutrition and it was smart move, my doctors said. After 8 weeks on a Modulen IBD ( 2500 ml per day without any food, just water i had to come again in hospital for a control ecxamination ( blood tests ). Blood tests were amazing, CRP; sedimantion and fibrinogen were so low, like doctors were suprised how well i reacted on Modulen.

The longer you're on Modulen, the more better are results after. So i've decided to drink it 2 weeks more ( 10 weeks all together ) and then i came to the hospital for adaptation on food ( 10 days slowly consuming food like soups, tea, bread ) After that i was finally released home. I sticked to the eating plan - no junk food, only healthy, fresh home made. Lot's of tea, fruits, vegetables, cooked soups and meat ( NOT fried ) olive oil not sunflower and ofcours 250ml Modulen per day. I really didnt have any problems with drinking Modulen except first day, it was NEW for me, but the second day i was addicted to it. Like i can't live without it. I love the flavour. Its craaazy cause i've read so many negative opininons about it like: its awful, i cant drink it, its hard, it has clumps. I really havent noticed any of that and im on Modulen almost 9 months ( 250ml per day ). Its really helping. But its up to you if you can make it without consuming any food. But now i eat food normally and drink modulen if i want to ( i dont have to ) but i want to cause its a good thing for my bowels. Im also on medications: Imuran 3 tablettes per day, pentasium 6 tablettes per day. I was on Folacine and Controloc also but not anymore. I don't have any problems. No diarrhea. No crumps. No temperature. Modulen was a life savior. I RECOMMEND IT TO ALL OF YOU! Do it for your health. Love you all. Have faith.

Any questions about Modulen? Feel free to ask me. I would love to talk with you all. Have a nice day.

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Hi Bruno and :welcome: to the forum. Well done you for sticking with this, I am pleased that along with the meds the shakes are keeping your tummy happy :) I too have had Modulen and it is by far the best liquid shake I have had for crohns, I liked the banana and strawberry flavours and always drank it cold from the fridge - yum, tasted just like a 'normal' milkshake. I always made sure to mix it really well so did not have problems with lumpy liquid.

I am glad you have joined us hun and I hope to see you around.

Hi bruno

i also did the pure liquid diet the exact same as you could eat anything after having no food for two months really lets your digestive system repair itself...

remission lasted me two years then i repeated the prosess but i do have two strictures..

and i do the exact same as you have one drink every day couldnt be without one lol get all the vitamins and helps maintain remission..
Thank you very much for saying hi. Oh, i didnt know there are flavours ?! I think we don't have them here in Croatia. I drink normal Modulen, i dont know what flavour it is.

Nice to hear that. Keep drinking it, its good for your bowels and it maintains remission. Thank you for commenting. See you arround.



Hiya, the flavouriings do come seperatly as powders that also need to be mixed in. Over here the modulen was done on prescription, is this the same for you? If so ask your doc about whether flavourings are available through them. From what I remember as well as my faves there was a choice of vanilla, chocolate and I think coffee.
Oh i didnt know that. Yes, here also Modulen comes with a prescription but doctors have never said anything about flavours, i didnt even know they exist. When i was in hospital for 10 days, nurses just started to bring me Modulen poured in a cup. I didnt even know how the can looks or anything. I found out when i got out from hospital because i had to drink it at home and make it for myself. So this is the first voice about flavours. But, it's okay, i dont need'em, i love it this way. Thanks for information:)