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I'm not sure whether this comes under EIMs or treatment side-effects, so I've put it in the general section.

Does anyone out there have any problems with tendonitis? I have had problems with my left shoulder (front deltoid pain, also causing clunky movement in the whole shoulder) for a couple of months now and it just doesn't seem to be going away. I think it started by repetitive activity (I do tapestries to relax in the evening and I think the constant movement of the upper arm has caused it), but even though I stopped doing that a few weeks ago it still isn't better.

I have read that Mezavant, which I have taken for over two years now, can cause tendonitis, but I don't know how likely that is. Or could it be the Crohn's itself or the Azathioprine (125mg, again for 2 years so far)?

Of course, the recommended treatment is anti-inflammatories (NOT taking those) and rest, which I do as much as possible, but with little joy.

I just wondered if anyone else had experience of this and any advice would be very gratefully received!


Tendons heal very slowly. I had a tendon problem from some shoes that were stiff and beat up my Achilles' tendon.

What healed it quickly was rubbing some DMSO on the injured area. It is a powerful antiinflammatory. You literally can watch swelling go down in twenty minutes or so.

I ordered mine from Jacobs labs. Read up on it before using it.

How is it for repetitive strain injuries? I am susceptible to tennis and golfer's elbow, and it would be nice to knock it down a little.

I will continue to rest it as much as possible. Does anyone know about any link with 5-ASAs? If it continues to be a problem I don't know if it would be worth stopping the Mezavant and possibly increasing the azathioprine, as I am still on a slightly lower than optimum dose.
It works real fast for tennis elbow. My cousin had this and a couple of applications to the site allowed it to heal quickly.

Have you seen the Dr about your shoulder? I ask because I had similar problems and turned out I had an impingement which was corrected by surgery on my left shoulder,,I am now waiting for a date to fix my right shoulder fixed. It's best to get it checked out just incase it's not related to your ibd. Best of luck, hope you get some answers and relief very soon.
Hi Lizbeth,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have just had a lovely week camping with the family in Cornwall.

I might go and see about being referred to a physio as, although the pain itself is not always such a problem, the whole joint has become very 'clunky' and is obviously not moving properly.