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TENS Machines

another new experience for me - i'm sitting here right now having my lower back zapped every second. i've been suffering pretty intense back pain for over a month now, and finally got around to making a gp appointment for next Monday, hoping for a referral to a physio... but yesterday i just got so fed up with the pain, and constantly throwing painkillers down my throat, that i investigated the TENS Machine system, & went out & bought one....

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation - it works by attaching adhesive pads to the area of pain, and then adjusting the control to the intensity & stimulation type you want, on the control unit.

apparently, the electrical stimulation blocks the pain messages to the brain - it doesn't claim to cure the cause, but it does allow one to reduce analgesic use, and continue to function with less pain..

there are some contra-indications to using the TENS, and warnings about where it is not safe to place the adhesive pads... but apart from that, it's a pretty safe and, as i'm finding, effective pain relief tool.

my first use of it was last night, and i can honestly say that, even on the lowest setting, it brought a noticeable degree of relief, which lasted around 3 hours.

for anyone who's suffering soft tissue pain like back ache, neck/shoulder muscle ache etc. i really recommend it.


I just saw this product on Dr. Oz and I thought it sounded bogus until I heard some insurance companies are covering it. If big evil insurance will dish out money there must be something valid to this therapy.

I'm mainly thinking of this for my leg pains but it may be good for my stomach pains too. Anyone know the pricing or recommend a particular kind? I suppose I need to go to a store like Target to find one. I don't think pharmacies carry them.

my little penguin

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DS got one last year through the pain clinic for Ibd.
To help with the constant abdominal pain until the remicade kicked in.
It really helps take the edge off for him but didn't get rid of all the pain.
Well worth it in my opinion.
It has four pads .
He placed two on the stomach and two on his back .
He was eight at the time and was able to operate it himself .
Insurance covered the cost since the doc wrote the script for it.


That's great that it helped him. Do you know how much it costs retail? I don't think my insurance will cover it. Where did you buy it and what brand?