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Testing for IBD

Hi, I’m new here and I’m currently going through the anxiety of testing for IBD. I’m looking for some advice on a couple of things.
First, some context - I’ve been having stomach bloating accompanied by jumping and movement for about 4 months on and off. The pain moves around, so one second it’s in one spot and the next it’s elsewhere. It’s not debilitating and I can move around as normal. Bowel movements are normal, once a day in the morning generally. Since the stomach pain started I burp quite a lot and am generally gassy.
I saw a gastroenterologist in March and we conducted a load of blood tests and stool tests etc. all came back normal. He thought that I had bacterial overgrowth from a load of kefir I’d eaten (which correlated with the start of my symptoms). He gave me some probiotics and slowly my symptoms began to disappear, until a couple of months later they were gone. They’ve recently returned. I saw him again this week and he’s reordered the calprotectin and FIT tests that I’ve already done. Is there a chance they will come back and show Crohn’s this time? I’m very nervous and am afraid of the wait ahead. From what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like my symptoms are enough for this to be Crohns but I’m quite anxious that I’m an anomaly.