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Testing : How often ?

Lynda Lynda

How often does your Gastroenterologist order :

1) a blood draw
2) a poop sample
3 ) a colonoscopy or endoscopy

I haven't had a colonoscopy for almost 4 years.
I haven't had an endoscopy for almost 2 years.
I haven't had my poop tested for about 1 year.
I haven't had a blood draw for 1 year.

I think this is exact information from what I can remember. 🤔

I have Crohn's Disease, Gastritis, Acid Reflux and Bile Acid Malabsortion.


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I usually get a colonoscopy done every second year, but its been three years due to the pandemic and hope to get one done later this year. I have blood tests done every year, and if I am flaring twice a year.

my little penguin

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Blood draws every 3 months due to methotrexate.
Scopes were yearly in the beginning but will be 5 years since last
Then every few years for cancer screen since it’s been 10 years since dx
Fecal cal is only as needed for insurance - right now once a year
But he is stable
1. Every 16 weeks for inflectra, every other infusion, I think?
2. Only when needed
3. GI told me yesterday that if there are no problems, the current recommendation for colonoscopy is every 5 years for IBD patients.

I have upper GIs at least twice a year due to dysphagia and esophageal lichen planus.

If I complain of symptoms, he orders more tests.


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New York, USA
Blood draws every 4 months (every other Remicade infusion)
Only when needed - had one done last year due to issues (came back ok)
I was having scopes once/year , but when my GI retired the 'new' GI mentioned only every other year - I am considered 'high risk' as I've had past polyps and disease for over 40 years now.
For me I have blood tests for azathioprine every 3 months, that doesn't test for inflammation or anything though, just kidney and liver function.
Stool sample normally yearly or more, I have it done at home with a app now which sends the results straight to him.
Colonoscopy is about 4 years. The prep puts me straight into a flare or obstruction so I end up not able to get to the test at all. So I have a barium MRI done now. Still causes troubles from prep but nowhere near as bad. I am in remission otherwise I would not have got away with it so long. Also where my crohns is, the terminal ileum.. it seems to not show on endoscopy or colonoscopy annoyingly. But I know as time goes on he will want me to be tested for any nastiness that could happen.

Lynda Lynda

I just had a tele-health phone video appointment with my Gastroenterologist.
I won't get a blood draw until 8 weeks from now.
I have been taking the methotrexate, Budesonide and Folic Acid for 10 months now.

I started the Stelara 4 months ago.
There was a delay in starting the Stelara because I had to find patient financial assistance.

Per my GI's instructions, I have been tapering down my Budesonide since January 17th.
On January 17th I went from three 3mg capsules a day to two 3mg capsules a day.
On February 18th I went down to one 3mg capsule a day.

I have just been instructed by my GI to continue with one 3mg Budesonide capsule a day until my next appointment 8 weeks from now ( that appointment is with their Nurse Practioner.)

After my blood draw is done ( in 2 months ) and my GI sees the results, then he will decide what to do about my Crohn's medications ( lower the dosage, raise the dosage. )

Take Care 🧸

my little penguin

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Stelara only has one dose -90 mg
The frequency can be changed
Normal frequency is every 8 weeks
But some folks need Stelara every 6 weeks
Or every 4 weeks
Good luck with the wean
I ask the doctor for tests outside of the protocol if I think the circumstance warrants it. For example, if we go on a long vacation and eat out for every single meal then I would 1) clean up the diet upon returning and 2) also ask the doctor to order the inflammation markers.

Right now I am actually trying to figure out how the IUS fits into the conventional testing scheme of things.