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I have had Crohn's over 30 years. 6 surgeries and multiple pcp's and gastro doctors. Now on Remicade for 3 years. I just changed gastro's because the one I had was very far away and really didn't appear to be the least bit interested in anything but the actual intestines. Like most people I have crohn's related issues. Vison, AS, joint problems etc. So very new Gastro is local and this is the first Remicade infusion with her. I called to see if she wanted blood tests prior to the infusion and no response.... last doctor also only took blood test yearly. What is usual? 8 week infusions- when should testing be done??

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Blood tests can be anywhere from every 8 weeks (at infusion time ) to monitor if your doing poorly
To every 6 months
We typically did every 3-4 months for bloodwork and have for the past 8 years on biologics
Keeps an eye on things
Good luck
I am on a 4 week schedule for Remicade and labs are done every time. Cbc, liver panel, and now iron studies since i’m bleeding constantly (slowly).


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I am on every 8 weeks, and get bloodwork done every other infusion - so every 4 months.....if something comes up I'll have additional lab work done....