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Thank God for Remicade!

After being diagnosed 7 weeks ago while having a bad flare I recently started Remicade. I was in the hospital for 5 days about 8 weeks ago, and put on pred, asacol, imuran. After leaving I was out for 3 weeks and my flare got crazy bad. I was in the hospital for 6 days the second time. Doctor decided to start Remicade.

I was really upset about that it, due to side effects, but after the first week I felt great! I was eating anything, going to the gym. Thank you Remicade! Just got my second infusion today. I really hope this stuff sticks and my body does not reject it because I actually feel 100% healthy. Three weeks ago I was in constant cramps that got so bad I would collapse and break down. I was going to the bathroom like 20 times a day and had been passing blood for 7 weeks. One treatment got me back to normal.

Just wanted to post my success story so far for anyone who may need to start treatment.