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Thank You

Hey guys! I just wanted to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone on this forum and also share some words of encouragement from my personal story. The people on these forums have been incredibly supportive, caring and understanding. And, words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you. At times, I feel more comfortable sharing my disease related issues with all of you then even my family (actually, most of the time). After years and years of struggle and no response to medications, countless incidents of pooping in my pants, weight loss, miserable pain and much, much more, I am finally starting to see some major relief. The combination of Entyvio and Uceris Rectal Foam has finally put me in a much better place. I still have some issues, and I know the fight will continue to go on, but I am significantly better, and starting to get my life back. And I could never have made these strides without all of you. I share this because I want all of you to also get relief and see better days ahead. I know many of you are struggling and suffering badly. Even though at times it may not seem it, there truly are doctors and scientists and pharmaceutical companies that are working hard to find treatments for this terrible disease. IBD may cause us pain, bleeding, hospitalization, embarrassment, and even humiliation. But, it will NOT break us. The sun will rise tomorrow and a new day will come and we will keep fighting. If we cannot fly, we must run. If we cannot run, we must walk. And if we cannot walk, we must crawl. But, we must keep fighting. And you are not alone in this fight. Sometimes you just have to speak up a little - to a doctor, to a nurse, to a pharmaceutical company or whomever, and keep fighting the good fight. And, throughout the course of this fight, the good people on this forum are here to support and do whatever possible to help so that we can all fight together. God bless.