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Been suffering for awhile. Looks like some very useful info here. Have periods where I feel well and for no apparent reason will start to flair. Knocks me off my feet for weeks at a time. Wish I knew triggers to avoid. Will enjoy searching for info on this site. Thanks to everyone for sharing.
Welcome to the site JJmurphy.
Hope you find the information that will help you.
I love this site and have learned so much from others too.

Are you currently on meds or are you trying to control it with your diet?
On Pentasa 4 4x per day. Also trying to control with diet. Gave up dairy 2 yrs. ago. Still miss milk. Eat very blandly. Can have periods without a problem and then get knocked off my feet.

Will continue to review this site and hopefully find some suggestions.



Is Pentesa the only med you have been on for your crohn's? How often are you seeing your doc for check ups on how things are doing? How often do you get flare ups?