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Thanksgiving is almost here.. need advice

So turkey day is getting closer.. I don't live close to my family so it's a yearly
gathering at my dads. I'ts about a 3hr drive. I'm really having mixed feelings because I'm just getting over a flare. I'm pretty much soup and toast still. I have no desire to eat, but I love my family and want to see everyone. we are losing our insurance the end of the month. So i'm stressing that. I was in the hospital last month for almost a week so i'm still drained. How do you handle family gatherings with all the food and activity? My dad is very laid back, but my sister is not so much.


It's a stressful time but I usually eat before hand and bring some food with me and sometimes there is something I can eat on the table.

As for insurance, Obama mandated all insurances companies to keep existing plans for another year. Call them up and see if you can stay on or if one of the exchanges on Obamacare may be better coverage and cheaper.
No. They are not mandated to reissue insurance. They can offer it again for one year only. Even the cheapest Obamacare insurance you can get carries a 10,000.00 deductable. So even is you pay nothing per month you still have that deductable staring you in the face.
My hubby lost his job in September ...
We had insurance at a great rate till December 1st
Then cobra goes up to 1,400 month.
I had a part time job but they didn't offer
Insurance. I quit to find something better
And I started flaring... So we are stuck on
Insurance till at least January February ..
I'm planning on bringing soup with me.
Just worried about watching the kids cooking
And a thousand questions from my relatives.
Or the I had this friend and she stopped eating
Gluten.. Blah blah
I hear you. The thought of losing my health insurance scares the crap out of me. I thought this Obamacare thing was going to be great. Until you read the fine print. I don't think I've ever been so angry. What a joke it turned out to be.
It's funny the spoon theroy is how I explained things to my hubby.
As far as Obama care.. I haven't read the fine print I guess
I haven't personally had a lot of bad repercussions.
But my sister.. I love her but she pushes herself
To the point of almost falling over(has to be perfect)
And expects everyone else to be able to do the same.
I always get the you don't look sick..
I usually bring some food that I know is "safe" for me. Whether a whole dish to share or just a lunchbox for myself depends on the situation.