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The first Ghost diagnosed with Crohn's!

Hello friends, :D

I was very happy when I stumbled upon this forum. I have been suffering from a variety of symptoms for many years, but was not diagnosed with Crohn's Disease until about 5 years ago. Since then I have been able to control my disease totally with medication. While I do take some care in making sure I do not eat nuts, seeds or a lot of greasy food, Crohn's has not had too big of an impact on my life.

I have always been curious in how others are coping with this disease, and have yet to meet anyone who also suffers from it. I hope that I can learn more about what people are going through with their disease, and maybe even help them control it. Currently I am taking Flagyl and Imuran, but have been on some other medications as well in the past.

I look forward to sharing many of my experiences with you all and hopefully learning more about how others deal with their condition.


Welcome to the forum Casper. Of course people of all species are welcome to post here (even ghosts) :).

I am happy to hear that you are looking forward to sharing your experiences with others, and that your life has not been overly effected thus far.


Hi Casper!

I myself am new here too! Im surprised you have not met anyone who has Crohn's before-- it is a relatively common condition.

However, Im sure you'll meet a lot of new friends here who do have Crohn's!



I hope my story doesn't scare you too bad. I want to tell you that everybody is different and you may never have the complications that I've had. I'm happy that you are in control of it now! That's really saying something!

Yeah, nuts and seeds are evil! But they're my favorite and every now and then I decide they're worth the pain, only to change my mind later..ha. My weakness is pizza. I love it, but it hates my guts...literally.