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The Foul Bowel

Just thought I'd share this book with you all. It's not your usual Crohn's book. It's writen by John Bradley, and is a light hearted look at his journey dealing with CD. Really is a laugh out loud look at testing, med appts, his consultants, work etc.:rof:
If you log on to the website, you can download the first 3 chapters for free.
Kept me amused recently through my hospital stays.
And 'No', I'm not on commission for recommending this book :lol:

Happy reading!! xx


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Thanks Andrea! I will check out the free chapters for sure. The title alone made me laugh so that's a good sign! :) A sense of humor is a must with illnesses like this, that's for sure!


I read the downloadable first 3 chapters. It's funny, and sad too. Sad in that he went so long without being diagnosed. Seems too many of us do!

Funny in that he has a wicked sense of humour! Certainly required with this disease.

Just read the three chapters. Great stuff. Very entertaining and at the same time informative. The tips that summarise his experiences are brilliant. Interesting to read about his sugar addiction and intolerance for 'bad' chips.
As child we used to eat a 'sugar piece' - basically a sugar and butter sandwich. No wonder the Scots have the highest rate of heart disease in the world! I wonder what the Crohns statistics are?
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oooo Helen we used to eat sugar butties too when I was a kid in Liverpool!
Probably cos we were so skint! And tomato ketchup butties too.
Hope you're feeling a bit better today, just read in other thread you've got the trots!
Take it easy today luv
Lol, Joan. Spam sandwiches were a staple too - the stuff that's sliced off the big block. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
H xxx
My mam was always trying to fatten her two skinny kids up. We had sugar and banana sandwiches. That was inbetween meals! Never had a ketchup sarnie but loved a brown sauce buttie with a bag of cheese crisps (still do). I suppose we should add 'never did us any harm' but ........ Ho hum!!


I'm friends with this guy on twitter! I use my twitter account to complain about symptoms, tests, etc, and he always msgs me wishing me the best and suggestions to get through it. He is a really neat guy! I've read the first three chapters and absolutely love it...I guess I haven't bought it yet since it still feels like I am really far away from a diagnosis. :/ Anyway, maybe I'll buy it anyway...even if this is a stupid "IBS" case for awhile I can still relate. ;)
I bought this book a couple of weeks ago and what i've read so far is brilliant, can't wait to read the rest.
I would definitely recommend it :)
I had to bump this thread. I was coming here to post about the book myself and found this. I am about a quarter of the way through this book and it is HILARIOUS! There are a lot "Hey, Me too!" moments which is kind of sad, but it is a great humorous perspective of our side of the disease.

Definitely a good bathroom book!