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The hours before a colonoscopy

Some advice please. I live about two hours from the hospital where I will have a colonoscopy - so a little concerned about getting there without accidents! If the prep the previous day is successful is it likely I will be running on empty on the day? I am on a liquid (Fresubin) diet so the prep should be straightforward!

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Hi Rob, possible that you might need the toilet on the way. How about plotting a route that takes you past some service stations? 2 hours!! Good luck with that, I'm fortunate that I'm 15-20mins away from the hospital by car. Hope it goes well for you.
Best of Luck
It's sort of a crap shoot.. I have had 4 endoscopies, 2 of which I had no toilet trouble the morning of. The other 2.. Well, it was a good thing that I was only a short drive from the clinic.

As it was, the scar tissue had all but completely blocked my cecum. That made it impossible to clear out completely with the prep. Even with a three day liquid diet. I was a mess..

If your Crohn's isn't too severe, you should be fine. The prep is rather fast acting. Worst case scenario, you have to stop at a fuel station to use the toilet.
Make sure you're running clear all the time before you decide to stop- when I did my prep I was running clear 2 out of 3 times. So I had 1/2 the last prep and glad I did, since a whole load more brown came out!

As you've a long journey, you could tailor your prep times to suit, so maybe take the last lost a few hours before it states to minimise the risk?
I've had many colonoscopies and never had a problem, even when the journey to the hospital was an hour away.

If you are taking the prep the night before the colonoscopy you should be completely fine as everything should be out of you by the next morning!