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The need to go and mind control

So you are out and about and need to go - toilet nearby - no problem. Toilet three minutes away and you just make it with seconds to spare. My point is if the facilities were six minutes away I would still just make it with seconds to spare.

In a similar way I might be out and have an urgent need - but if something happens (meet someone or some incident) I no longer have an urgent need. I might feel fine then have a random thought that I have no idea where there are any toilets and suddenly, out of no where, I need to go urgently.

Now is this just me or does the mind have a big impact on urgency? Does anyone have any thoughts on this - hypnosis perhaps?



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when I walk the dog in the morning I prefer to be alone because if I have an "urgency" problem I find I can usually cope on my own and manage to get home without a mishap.If someone accompanies me I get stressed and feel I need to get home in case I have an accident while with them.I don't drive and most mornings manage a couple of miles walk but thats after of dose of loperamide,my safety net.