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The risk of cancer in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Does infliximab contribute to cancer risk?

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Patients with Crohn’s disease had an eight-fold increase in small bowel cancer compared with the non-IBD population. Other cancers with increased incidence in the IBD were skin cancer, biliary tree, kidney, leukaemia, liver, lymphoma, and prostate cancer. IBD patients who underwent infliximab therapy were not at increased risk of any cancer compared with the IBD group who were infliximab naïve. Conclusion: Patients with IBD are at increased risk of developing a variety of cancers. IBD patients who have infliximab do not appear to be at increased risk of cancer

(PDF) The risk of cancer in Inflammatory Bowel.... Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318146352/download [accessed Aug 16 2018].
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