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The shakes in flare

Basically wondering if anyone gets the shakes when they have really bad tummy pain. I'm sitting here in agony and have terrible shakes, my hands have a mind of their own and keep jumping all over the place? Any thoughts would be great, thank you in advance.
I have also experienced this, with my legs also shaking.
probably a reaction to the pain? but i have never looked more in to it,
some meds can make you shake, are you on anything at the mo?
I am indeed and was aware that they can cause shakes, but I think it feels different. Think you're right about it being related to the pain, my pain has eased a bit (with help of more medication) and the shakes have calmed a bit too. It's not much fun, nearly took myself to hospital cos pain was so bad! Hoping it will continue to ease. Thanks for your reply.

Forgot to add that I'm having random muscle jerks as well? Don't know what's going on with my body?


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I get muscle jerks sometimes, particularly in my arms/hands, when I'm severely dehydrated. Sometimes in my flares I just can't get enough fluids to absorb into my system and I have to go get IV fluids, so please consider doing that if this continues. One test of dehydration is to pinch the skin on the back of your hand. If it snaps right back in less than a second, you're probably okay, but if it takes a second or longer to go back, then you're dehydrated.
I also get muscle jerks from dehydration. Severe abdominal pain can definitely cause the shakes..... been there, done that big time!! Not fun. I hope you find relief soon!
Thanks for this. I had been doing the skin thing and it seems ok, I'm just not sure what's happening to me at the minute? The pain I had earlier has eased and so have the shakes so at least I feel at bit better. Think I will be ringing someone on Monday about this all. Thank you for your replies.