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The Sudden Issue of Cars

I've been dealing with my colitis for 3 years now and now, at 18, for the first time ever, I'm having issues being inside of cars. Even the thought of being in them is causing severe distress for me; the vibrating motion of the car engine shakes up my stomach in minutes and I have to keep making stops to find bathrooms in as little as a 5 minute drive. It's becoming severely painful and inconvenient.

Now I'm supposed to take a plan trip out east in just about a week, and I really need to get control of this before the hour or so drive to the airport. Any suggestions? Does anyone know what I mean?


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I get stressed in the car.Bumpy roads and traffic lights bother me no end.
But I'm sure it's psychosomatic,as I've never had an "accident".
If going out for the day,I make sure I'm up and about really early,to get things moving,if you know what I mean ? I also take Loperamide (Lomatil ?) after each loo visit,so that I'm more or less "slowed down or empty" when it's time to leave
I tried Imodium before I left but I actually had an accident that day this all started. I have no fear of cars and quite enjoy road trips, so this new issue with cars has been extremely disappointing. It's like my stomach tightens up until it squeezes the life out of me. Then again, I've been considering getting checked for nerve problems. My anxiety is out of control these days hrm.

Oh I understand your problem.
I also get bad when I get shaken around in a car or even on the train. Diarrhea and nausea. Not great, because the reason you are travelling is not to visit a toilet at your destination.
I'm sure part of it is thanks to the sensitive intestines, but yes, any bad experiences doesnt help in preparing for the next trip. I try and take each trip as it comes, and some will be bad and others fine, for me there is just no telling.

Have you tried motion sickness tablets, or can you take them? They help in calming down but some of them do cause stomach pains.

I do try and plan in stops for a longer journey. For long I mean anything over 20 minutes! I find a stop (even just for a few minutes) after the first 10-15 minutes helps alot for the rest of the journey. Is there any way you can do planned stops on the way to the airport?

Good luck with your trip.