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The verdict is in

the verdict is in

I'm a chronie....

Colonoscopy today showed severe inflammation. Obviously still have to wait for histology but consultant is confident it's chron's colitis....so lucky I get to have both!

Am being started on prednisone 40mg tapering 5mg a week and pentasa 4x500mg twice a day with a veiw to starting azathiropine in a few weeks. I've had pred pleanty of times in the past but the other two are new to me so any advice greatly appreciated, especially with the aza....

Feeling a bit like I've been handed a life sentence but also incredibly relieved that it's over and I have a definite diagnosis.

Looking forward to all the pearls of wisdom form my fellow chronies!

I hope you find relief soon and that you can move forward finally.
I have my appt tommorow and I am very nervous but surprisingly calm at this point about being diagnosed. Currently expierencing joint pain and D from my prep- feel terrible. I am glad you were able to find and answer- how do you feel overall? Where you scared when you were diagnosed, did they tell you immediatley after?
Welcome and congrats on your recent diagnosis, you are now inducted into the exciting new club of crohns disease! :) Glad to have you. If your like me it'll take a couple of days to sink in, having a good ol cry helps ease into it as well. It does feel like a life sentance but thenagain it's not as bad when it's in remission...Oh also I was diagnosed with UC twice before the blood results came back, then it turned to crohns something about how your body reacts to fiber. I do remeber when I had my first colonoscopy I had cobblestoning and the ulcers were in patches, but by the time I got my second(the one with an understanding want to help you type doctor) crohn had eaten away all of my colon leaving all of it ulcerated...IDK if I have crohns or UC or both...but I know it ripped through my intestine like there was no tomorrow hate to see what wouldve happened if I left it untreated any further...

I get off track sometimes sorry first pearl of wisdom...learn to laugh at yourself and your disease, second hold hope for tomorrow, third learn to carry extra pants and underware you NEVER know when your meds will just stop working, fourth listen to your gut and always know where the bathrooms are anywhere and everywhere you go.


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Sorry to hear that you have IBD but at least you have a concrete diagnosis and are being treated properly now. :) I've taken Asacol before which is the same as Pentasa. I've never had any side effects from it even though the side effect list seems quite long, doesn't mean you'll have any. I currently take 6MP (Mercaptopurine/Purinethol) which is in the same class of drugs as Azathiropine called immunosuppressants. As with Asacol I've never experienced any side effects. Accept with the immunosuppressants you need to have regular blood work done to make sure it isn't messing up any of your organs. I have my blood work done once a month.

Here's information on both drugs:
Pentasa: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000880/
Azathiropine: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000602/
Hi Dayz,

I've been having a lot of joint pain too, sux especially when nurofen is the only thing that helps and we cant take it!
I'd figured out long ago what was going on, was just too scared to do anything about it! I'm a nurse, we health professionals are the worst for this! So I wasn't too scared, just keen to get it done and have it confirmed. I also know the consultant so makes it slightly easier, just had to decide to not be embarressed about himn seeing my ar*e! He came out after and had a good chat which iwas good. I'm feeling good now, not groggy at all.
Good luck for your scope let us know how you go.

Melissa, hello! Yes, I am already onto the spare knickers and wet wipes, essential! My colon was very patchy as well, not so much ulcerated I dont think, saw the pictures and it certainly looked unhealthy. He couldn't go in too far I dont think because it was too inflamed, am scheduled for an MRI so I guess that'll give us a better idea.
I like your attitude, certainly doesn't help to fall into a quivering heap over it all, life must go on....I've got pleanty to do!
lol I like your attitude as well ;) I won't lie though I did have my pity partyI found UC a more acceptable diagnosis rather than crohns but after my good cry and fight with my fiance I got around to thinking it's not as bad as it could be. I started laughing about it and I find it easier to talk about pooping now lol(I used to get so grossed out) I've had my embarrassing moments (one time I was walking to meijer to grab some lunch in the middle of the busiest parking lot ever I started feeling that ache...I tried to breath through it it kept getting worse then I thought ok...it's just a fart it's ok...well it wasnt, it was diarreah and it wasnt just a little bit it was all down the back of my pants...my parents had to pick me up from meijer....lol that was a bad day haha...they felt bad for me so they took me to mcdonalds for ice cream) I've done the CT scans a lot as well...it showed inflammation of my colon esp in my left quadrant so I guess if I get worse that'll be the first to go lol *shrug* such is life
Welcome...I have been on pentasa before, no major side effects with me. I had been on it for a while and my Dr decided it wasn't working for me anymore so we switched to Apriso. I don't know anything about Azathiropine but I've seen alot of people on here are taking it.
I'm glad to see your in good spirits about your new diagnosis. As you can tell already, you have lots of people who will help you along the way.


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I am sorry to hear you have Crohn's, but like you said, at least you know what you are dealing with now and can properly address it.

I take Lialda, again in the same family of Pentasa, and I have no issues with it at all. The first 2 or 3 days it was a little tough on my system (went to the bathroom even more than usual), but then absolutely no problems. I have no experience with azathiropine, so no advice there. But I sure hope your new treatment plan has you feeling much better soon!