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There's hope re TTC & Crohns / Remicade (Infliximab)

Hi there. I just want to say that as a Crohn's patient on Remicade, at the ripe age of 43 & after nearly four years of trying for our second child, we have finally managed to conceive naturally! I felt it would be good to share this positive story. It's early days in the pregnancy so fingers crossed but the only thing I can say we did differently is move to a diet that is 85% Vegan / Plant based plus we got a puppy 5 months ago (maybe that did it, as we'd given up stressing about another child).

I hope it will be ok to stay on Remicade for at least some of the pregnancy, but I've heard that you cannot breastfeed on Remicade. Whatever happens, we are going to try & stay positive...it's been a loooong time coming : )
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