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Thinking about going on a gluten free diet

Hi All, I had a Right hemicolectomy just over 3 years ago now and to say the least I have now been that well since. Before I had my op I could eat most things but since I have not a lot of things seem to make me ill. I do not think I am having flares as I can be OK one min and feel bad the next manly after eating. I have tried many different foods and I seem to say the same the one thing I have always eat is bread and I was thinking about going on a gluten free diet for a bit to see if that helps is gluten a problem for a lot of crohn's.
P.S soy's a no no too.


It's a mixed bag, some are gluten intolerant or sensitive while others just avoid it for being inflammatory. The other extreme are people who mainly eat white flour products to avoid flaring. You can certainly experiment with a gluten free diet to see if it helps you.
I have been on a gluten free diet for 3 months now,along with ldn and in 3 months have had only 2 bad days. the gluten free diet sure cant hurt to try it,but you have to stick with it and not cheat.Its not that bad,and kind of fun searching for new gluten free foods. good luck!
some questions, 1. how long after going on the diet will i see a difference.
2.do they use a lot of soy in gluten free food because I had a gluten free cake yesterday and my tum has been very bad today.
3. what kind of pain do you get if you eat a lot of food you are intolerance to because I hear it can damage you gut. I get a very sore pain on the right side of mine and it not the same as a crohn pain.


Have you been tested for celiac? I think if you eliminate an irritant it should show positive signs in a few days but I would give the diet at least 2-3 weeks to know for sure.

Gluten free prepared foods are mostly unhealthy, not organic, full of GMO's and high fiber ingredients which can irritate the gut. They use a lot of soy, ancient grains, and synthetic ingredients.
I was tested for celiac before I was diagnosed with crohn's and at that time i was not. This has all happened since I had my Right hemicolectomy just over 3 years ago before that I come eat anything but apples and raw carrots.


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If gluten free diet doesn't work, perhaps cut out dairy too. That's if you have it in your diet in the first place. These two seem to be popular triggers.

good luck with the diet.