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This is getting silly

I was diagnosed with Crohns August 31, 2021. I had been having stomach issues since I was little and severe pain drove me to get further testing in May of 2021. It had become debilitating and most excruciating just under my right ribcage area. After a colonoscopy, EGD, and Pill Cam study we finally got results. I had innumerable lesions in my small bowel and was diagnosed with Crohns and began Humira. Turns out I was immune to Humira and February of 2022 I started Stelara. Heres the kicker. Stelara is showing in my blood and no antibodies. My colonoscopy, EGD came back good. I had another Pill Cam study done and the camera got stuck under my right rib area for several days causing excruciating pain and a battery of X Rays and CT tests were run to see how to remove it. Well after a few days it moved on its own and came out. I had hoped for answers to my pain and other symptoms with that test, but no. It is clean too. I got the call as I had been sitting in a fetal position all day crying because I was in the worst pain ever (that only eased off after lots of ibuprofen). I don't know what to do anymore. I am in some serious pain all the time, have diarrhea most days, and food instantly makes me sick (nausea, pain, bloating, and gas). I am at a complete loss. Has anyone else experienced this?