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This is my story!

I am 29 yrs old I was diagnosed in June 2005.I never had any traditional symptoms at first I developed a fistula. That led to a colonoscopy and the diagnosis. My mother, sister, and one of my cousins all have Crohns. I have been on remicade since 2005,I am not completely convinced that it works since I have developed 3 new fistulas while being on it. I just had an Mri on friday to re-evaluate my fistula situation, if I have a new one which I am pretty sure I do then my GI is going to switch me to Humira. I work part time in the medical field and I also attend university part time working on completing a BSC in biology/psychology. I also live with my sister who is not well she is on disability and is home all day long and I end up doing most of the housework/errands, but she is capable of doing more I just think that she is used to me doing it. If I dont do the housework/errands it would never get done. With that said I have a fairly high stress level, which doesnt help my crohns. Lately my crohns has been worse then usual. All my stress factors contribute to this I think. I joined this forum so I could not only share my story but also give support and receive support from others!!


Hello AshSugar and :welcome: to the forum.

I'm so sorry that Remicade isn't working for you. Everyone is different, because it definitely has been working for me. Humira may be a good choice. I hope that you and your GI can get your fistulas under control soon.

I can imagine how frustrating it is to have your sister expecting you to wait on her. Maybe the two of you need to sit down and have a nice friendly talk about it. :hug:

That's great that you're studying biology and psychology in school. They are fabulous subjects that will both help you to understand your own disease and the medications that you take. :)

Once again, welcome, and I hope you feel well soon.


Hi Ashsugar and welcome to the forum :bigwave: It is a shame the Remi has stopped being effective, Humira I suppose is like a 'sister' drug that uses human protein instead of mouse so hopefully this will sort things out. I would agree about having a chat with your sister, it may be she is now in a rut and needs to actually start trying to do things for herself in order to feel a bit better. You do have your own illness to deal with as well as work/uni so why should you be expected to do everything at home as well? I do hope things improve in this area for you, when will you see the doc for the MRI results?
I know I need to have a chat with my sister but she is a very defensive person and I am not into conflict.. but I will start coming up with strategies to get her to do more. I see my Gi on Jan 31st to get my MRI results unless they call me earlier. I love my classes and my university has been pretty good accommodating me when I am not feeling well.


I know what you mean, my sister is older and she is quick to take things the wrong way. I sometimes really worry that I am going to say the wrong thing to her and she will cop a strop. I am glad your uni is being supportive though. Let us know how you get on with the appt.