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This is my story

Well this all started whenever I was a Freshmen in HS. One day I went to a restaurant and ordered some fish and fries, the fish tasted fine but shortly after eating it I got the runs and had to go bad, then I started having to go again and went in my pants a couple times so I thought I ate some bad fish because that happens sometimes. Well it didn't stop it kept happening and I was still going in my pants, it was always diarrhea. Then during school I started having diarrhea in my pants and was always in fear whenever I farted because it'd come out, I was so embarrassed about soiling my pants during school that I never told anyone so it stayed in my pants the rest of the day. I then started having really, really bad gas. It then got so bad that whenever I went it'd burn so bad and was so sensitive that toilet paper felt like rubbing sand paper there. Finally one day during school I was really thirsty so my face got really pale, they walked me to the nurses office and then everything got all dizzy and I had to hold onto the lockers because I almost passed out. I was taken to the doctors and given iron pills which made it better but every time I went I still tried to avoid going for as long as I could and my gas stank so bad it was like raw sewage so I went to a gastrologist. I was then giving a colonoscopy, the doctor wouldn't go any further than the first bend inside because the inflammation was so bad he was afraid he'd tear it. I found out my Sophomore year I had it.

I was prescribed Asacol, iron pills, Prednisone, and Imuran. I stopped taking the Prednisone but was still taking everything else. One iron pill, 1 1/2 Imuran and 8 Asacol everyday. I'm still taking these everyday, and it all was fine until last October.

Last October I had a very bad flare up and I'm the person who hides their pain and never tells anyone. So I was having temperatures of 98-101 everyday and it kept fluctuating, it'd be 98 when I woke up at 10AM and then 100 by 12PM. I was still going to work everyday while having bad stomach cramps, I'd have to stop what I was doing and grab my stomach for a few minutes or I just ignored it and it went away. Well one Thursday night I randomly got extreme stomach pains so I tried to sleep it away but then I woke up and it was worse, so I went up to get a drink since I was thirsty and then the pain got worse I then felt light headed and could see black start to cover my vision and static in my ears so I crawled over to my bed and then passed out. When I woke up the pain wasn't bad like it was but my temp was 102 so I went to the ER and they gave me pain meds that was it. No MRI or anything like that.

After that they Vicodin and Benzytol. I ran out of Vicodin but the pain was gone so it was fine. But fast forward to February and I was Benzytol everyday to mask my stomach pains since they started back up and then I started throwing up green stuff so they gave me a cat scan and they saw my intestines were blocked so I had to have emergency surgery right then and there. I ended up having 16" of my intestines removed, parts of my colon and lower/small intestines were taken out.

Now it doesn't hurt to go anymore ever since the surgery it hasn't. I'm 21 now and was 16 when I found out I had it.


Hi Ruger22lr and welcome to the forum! :D

As I was reading your story each symptom was pointing more and more to a bowel obstruction so I was preparing to let you know once I finished reading but I'm sad to hear that it resulted in a resection. :( Yet I'm glad that you're no longer in pain. Are you currently in remission right now? Are you still on medication to help keep the Crohn's under control?

Thank you for sharing your story and keep us posted on how you're doing. :)
Yeah I just got a new doctor and a cat scan done. He might be giving me new pills or adjust my current ones. That stuff tastes nasty but at least it tastes better, had to drink 2 quarts of it.