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This may not be my place but...

This may not be my place and I may not be needed but I read through a lot of your posts here and I want to say you all are great parents for being here doing research and finding information not just for you but for your children as well. I'm only just 19 now, was diagnosed at 16, and started this whole ordeal a year or 2 prior and my parents have been there every step of the way, at every appt they could possibly be and behind me every step of the way. Sometimes we may not show it but I tell you that I'm sure all of your children appareciate it more than we will ever let you know. I also just wanted to offer you guys my support and if you guys have any questions what so ever about what its like being in high school or being in university or dealing with friends or work or god knows what else while deeling with Crohn's then feel free to ask and if I can help I will. Good luck to you all and I wish you and your kids the best of luck.


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Aw crazy, that is so sweet and caring! This is your place and please feel free to speak your mind and you are certainly needed and appreciated. Thank you so much for your offer of support and I for one may very well take you up on that! Roo is about your age and as you know there are others here with younger children that I have no doubt could use your experience and compassion.

Your Mum and Dad must be so proud of you 'cause I sure am!
Dusty. :)
i agree with dustykat. that is very sweet ofr you to offer. there are not very many chances parents get to get information on what it may be like for there children and how they deal with things....and for dustykat this could be a wonderful thing. maybe you can find new ways through this to help roo through her hard times.!


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Hey CC, thanks my young friend!! This whole forum is our home!! Anywhere you have something to say...by all means say it!!!

I've been all over this forum and as you can see I don't have crohns!! No one has ever made me feel anything less than welcome anywhere here. Honestly, I think I have probably the least valuable info of any member on here. I came here to learn from experienced people just like you and man has this place paid off. Please post away:)
hi cc Welcome and I agree with everyone else. post away this place is great, It is just like home. lots of loving caring people here