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This section so quiet! Cimzia experience would be nice

I come from the 'kids with crohns' section. Its so busy there. Not too many on Cimzia tho. From what i've read on here...seems like Cimzia doesn't work too good. Is that so? Is anyone happy with it? The creators of Cimzia said Humira and Remicade target the whole tnf family whereas Cimzia just targets the inflammation tnf. That sounds good. Our bodies need tnf. Blocking is all can't be good long term.


I think it's less active because its a lesser known and lesser used biologic. People usually don't try Cimzia unless they fail Humira and Remicade. Remicade has been around the longest and has the reputation and Humira has big money behind it. I think Cimzia will gain popularity.

I no longer take Cimzia because it didn't prevent or heal abscess and fistulas I had but it was helpful in opening some strictures.
I am on cimzia after failing both humira and remicade, so far it is working well. It did take all the loading doses for it to start making a difference but for me it was worth sticking with as now I am able to have a more normal life. I still have some problems but I can deal with them as I am in a much better place.
Cimzia isn't approved for Crohn's in Canada, so difficult to get a hold of here. I do imagine, like nogutsnoglory said, it will gain popularity soon. There seem to be a lot of us who have failed on Remicade and Humira and are running out of options!

I am interested to hear if anyone has had success with Cimzia and fistulas.


I stopped Cimzia because it didn't work on my abscesses and fistulas but it was really good at opening strictures. I also had no side effects.

I feel like I read about Cimzia in trial in Europe for IBD so it may be coming there soon. Canada I'm not sure about.