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This sounds so promising. Doesn't it?



A lot of techno-speak in there, but generally it sounds like this guy has a good theory about how to attack the disease before it can begin. The information in the website is slightly biased though because it was written by the person who developed the treatment, however I don't think it is without merit. The US gets behind on some things like this which is stupid and I don't understand it.

Anyway, welcome to the forum. Nice pic and nice quote :)


that theory has been around for a really long time, and for some reason its a bit contraversial.. might have something to do with hurting the dairy industry? sad that things like that will have more of an impaact on government than health issues.
I know I used to looooove milk when I was younger, drank bags of it.. and so did my younger sister.. strangely enough we are the only 2 in my whole family who have any stomach/bowel problems.