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This sucks, but this place is great!

I've been sneaking around for a few weeks now and figured I had better stop being anti-social and say hello! Signed up and everything.

A little background info for those interested. I'm Trevor, 23, Canadian. Commercial photography student, English tutor and Crohn's sufferer.

My mom has had UC for 22+ years so last year when things started to go sideways for me it didn't take long to guess what my diagnosis was going to be. Actually, the surprise was when they scoped me and pronounced me the owner of my very own Crohn's disease.

My symptoms were admittedly pretty minor at first and the only medication they had put me on was Asacol which helped a little and produced no side-effects. Life was grand (maybe not grand but this was not life-altering yet).

Skip ahead a year and I've had a major flare, lost a (very good) summer job and a relationship that was very important to me as a direct result of this @#&* disease. Had to take medications like Imuran and Prednisone that are not fun and certainly scary. And had to seriously change my lifestyle and outlook on the future.

I'm a 23 year old college student who dreamed of being a photojournalist and now wonders if that's possible (being stuck up in a studio is a pretty accurate definition of hell for me). If I can't do that I'd at least like to be able to go camping on the weekends and drink a beer with my friends, also not so possible at the moment and I don't know if it ever will be again.

On the other hand, there is hope. The medications are working for me. I do feel just fine (down there, some drug side effects though) 99% of the time right now. Maybe I can get back to my life again.

Anyhow, thanks for listening. And thank you for this place.

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Hi Trevor and :welcome:

It's good to see you have stopped lurking and joined the club! :)

Sorry to hear that you have CD but I hope the meds continue to do the job and they put you into a solid remission.
Both of my kids are on Imuran, post surgery, and are doing well. They have managed to get into remission and their lives back on track and are doing well. Fingers crossed that it works for you as well.

What are the side effects you are experiencing?

I guess you have already found the Imuran forum but just it case you will find it here.

Good luck Trevor and welcome aboard!

Dusty. :heart:

Side effects from the pred/imuran combo have been: round face, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, back pain and some serious fatigue. Also a bit of acne (I feel like I'm 14 again) but I can hardly complain about that one, all things considered.


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Ah okay.

Where is your Crohns located?

Have you had bloods done for B12, Folate and Iron stores levels?

Dusty. :)
The scope I had done wasn't a full colonoscopy (scheduled for that In December) but rather the 'light' version where you're still awake and get to watch the TV monitor (kind of interesting, in a morbid way) so I suppose they may not have a full answer to that question yet? Or if they do I wasn't made aware.

Between my GI and GP I've had about a million blood tests in the last year. Especially since starting the Imuran. I know that at least the B12 and Iron were tested at some point.

I've been pretty blindly trusting my doctors thus far. My GP is the doctor that delivered me and my mom has been seeing the GI for 15 or so years so my comfort level with them is very high.


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There's absolutely nothing wrong with trust and comfort but I still like to keep the docs on their toes! :lol:

I think it's probably a good idea to take charge of your health so if I were you I would start asking for copies of all the tests that you have done and also get copies of the tests you have had done in the past.
It never hurts for the docs to know you are informed and on top of things! :wink:

Dusty. :)
Great advice :)

I think all I have to do is sign up next time I go to the lab and I can access all of my blood work electronically.

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Hi Trevor! :welcome: Another Canadian bites the dust... and a student to boot. This disease is not a death sentence, you just have to find your med, and diet regime. Prednisone is a nasty drug, so make sure you take Vitamin D and Calcium, it is a bone robber. There are many different drugs that have helped some of us along the way, sometimes surgery really helps. Make sure you have a close relationship with your Gi and if you dont maybe look for another one. That is important. When you do see him, write down all your questions and symptoms, it really helps them, help you.

As for relationships you are still young and I know it hurts now but you will find your soul mate that is worthy of you. Hang in there ok. Glad you joined our crazy people forum.

Hey ladies another photographer!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Welcome aboard Trevor! I want to echo what Pen said, "this disease is not a death sentence". It may seem like it sometimes when you are down in the dumps, but do your best to stay positive, take your meds, eat healthy, and exercise when possible.

I really do not see why Crohn's Disease would prevent you from realizing your dreams as a photojournalist. There are extra precautions that must be taken while traveling if you have Crohn's Disease, but you should be able to lead a long and full life. Keep your head up!
HI Trevor, Welcome to the forum, i have had crohn's for 21 years now and counting, But, life is not diffently over. i still go camping, skip the beer and still have fun. i am glad to see that the drugs are working for you. i am sorry you have IBD.but, you never know what life has to throw at you. i hope you continue you with your career and that a girl will come along in your life. best wishes.
Hi trevor.. You know once you come to terms with the IBD .. You can adjust your life accordingly .. My Brother has had Crohn's since he was 20 .. hes had 4 children , a career , and hes an amatuer photgapher :).. hes 75 now still going strong .. it is about acceptance . I think . hope it goes well today , tommorow and forever . How is your Mum ?
(((((( Oh I cant type ) llol
Thanks! And she's great, follows a very strict diet and has managed to go from being on a lot of meds to being on almost none and very healthy these days.