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This We Know

Hi guys!

I'm new around here :)
How are you all during these crazy times? With the whole Covid-19 Lockdown still in place where I am, I've had a lot of time to think and what I've been wondering about is OPTIONS.

So we get it.
With Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis , it's difficult to absorb vitamins and nutrients.
This we know.
With Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis, it's sometimes hard to express that we need help when we need it most.
This we know.
With Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis, the pain, ache, annoyance and discomfort makes us stronger as individuals.
This we know.

First off, well done for dealing with this tiring, stupid, annoying disease! You guys are awesome and you should pat yourselves on the back for showing such endurance each day.
Second, while the reality can be kind of shitty sometimes (pun intended) we deserve the chance to live full and beautiful lives. This we know.

And finally, is my main point.

What I don't know, and would love some advice on, is lifestyle. How are your lifestyles impacted? Are there any diets you'd recommend? How do you guys maintain a healthy intake of vitamins and nutrients (especially those of you who are vegetarian or vegan)?

On that note, how are you all getting on during the Covid-19 Pandemic?
How are you all feeling my fellow IBD people?

Sending happiness and love wherever you are,
Gutsy Gal xx
Hi Gutsy
Vitamin wise I take d3 with k2 every morning. D3 is one of the few things researchers seem to agree on as helpful for Crohn’s. The k2 is supposed to help the body absorb but that’s Dr Google’s opinion so I can’t promise. I also take a b12 spray as I had a resection and lost the bit of the intestine that absorbs it - to be fair it has put my levels right back up - there are various brands available the one I use is called mykind organics.
Diet wise I avoid gluten and try to follow Perfect Health diet.
I am also on biologics and not got the inflammation totally under control so this is not me saying I have everything sussed but I am the best I have been on this regime since I got sick with this wretched disease.
I also take vsl3 every day. Expensive but seems to help symptoms although doesn’t reduce inflammation from my experience.
Thanks Delta_hippo
This has been really helpful!
Would be great if k2 helped with absorption. Honestly is a difficult aspect of the disease to manage sometimes.
I appreciate you taking the time to share some sage advice :) And don't worry, I don't think any of us have it sussed! Definitely something we adapt to and make the best of. Do you mind me asking what a Perfect Health Diet is? Probably a silly question but wondering if I'm missing something 😂

Hope you're keeping well!
Ps. Thanks for mentioning D3 as well! I'd never even heard of it before surprisingly. Shall do some more research on it.
Perfect health diet is one that was based on research into what people ate who lived long and healthy lives, e.g. certain tribes around the world. The author (Paul Jaminet) basically recommends lots of veg and potatoes/ white rice/ yams etc, a bit of meat chicken and fish, eggs, bit of fruit, dairy products but not milk itself and no cereals, no gluten, no refined carbs, no sugar. Lots of healthy fats. He recommends bone broth and certain foods like liver, eggs, dark chocolate for certain nutrients. He also recommends vitamin c and d3 and k2 every day, magnesium before bed, the b vitamins once a week. There is a fair amount of info on his website if you don’t buy the book.
Reason I chose it was some people seem to be helped by diet, even just a bit is worth trying in my view, I didn’t think I’d cope with the SCD diet as too low carb. I should be stricter with it - I’m reasonably good at making the bone broth, less good at actually drinking it! Also too many sugary things sneak in.
It’s my birthday tomorrow so will make a resolution to try harder and see if it helps the wretched inflammation get a bit better.
Best wishes