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Threads of blood with no other flare symptoms

For about the past week, I have been having threads of blood in my hardended stools. Apart from having some urgency to go to the bathroom, and feeling feverish with chills right before having to go to the bathroom, I have no other flare up symptoms....no diarrhea, no mucus, no intestinal pain, no exhaustion, no loss of appetite, no multiple trips to the bathroom in an hour, no completely bloody stools, etc. While I have had Crohn's for over 3 years, I have noticed this in my body before, but have previously tried to stay as is, and not "over think it". Otherwise, I get anxious and worried that I'll get a flareup. Not over thinking it and getting on with it has seemed to work most times, although when this happened last, it resulted in a pretty bad flare. I've had about 4 flareups in total.

Has this happened to anyone else? What does this mean? Is this a sign of another flareup, that I could potentially prevent if I eat a strict low residue diet and try to relax and take it easy (maybe even take a few days off of work)? Or, do I keep going as is, eat the foods that seems to suit me (although still trying to figure this out) and keep being my active self? Ahh! I'm terrified of another flareup! Any suggestions, insight, wisdom, thoughts, help, or a hello would be fab! Thank you!

p.s. I'm only on pentasa 2g twice a day at the moment.

I know that horrible feeling when you go to the bathroom and dread to see what you'll find when you look down into the toilet-seat. At least it's only threads of blood and nothing too red and runny...hopefully that puts your mind at ease a bit. Have you eaten anything unusual recently? I know someone who often get's similar threads of blood in his stools when he's eaten spicy foods? Another possible reason could be that a sharp piece of food made a small cut as it was passing through your digestive system, i've known this to happen before and it's nothing serious at all and soon heals. Maybe it's best to go on a low residue diet and take it easy as you say, just to be on the safe side. It might also be worth popping to your doctor to see what they say. Try not to worry too much that it might be another flareup. I know it's easier said than done.

You say that you've got no pains, diarrhea, loss of appetite etc. so that's all really positive! Maybe there is a certain food-source that's causing this since as you say, you've noticed this in your body before. Have you ever seen a dietician? That could be useful perhaps?

All the best to you, keep us updated and hope things improve asap. Keep positive :)

Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate it, and what you said completely put me at ease. Yes, that feeling of looking down the toilet is one of uncertainty and almost sadness for me - questions keep popping in my head regarding getting sicker, going on meds that I don't want to go on, and/or going to hospital. :( But, your post really made me think more positively about it. I have noticed that my body got a bit worse and has now seemed to get a bit better. Definitely watching the diet. It could have very well been related to having eaten something that was disrupting the system. I was on holidays last week - and I ate anything and everything....that's probably it! Really, thank you for your post, it made me feel so much better.

Take care!
Glad your feeling better about your situation.
We can scare our selves quite easily with this stuff.
Stay well and take care...
Hi I had that recently for about 3 months somedays streaks of blood then it started to get worse and more of it always bright red and I had no other real symptoms of a flare just the odd grumbling pain and bad tummy day. I decided to mention it to the doc and he had a wee look (nice!!) and said it was just simple hemirroidal (?sp) tissue and nothing to worry about he then did another colonoscopy and it seemed ok to mild inflammation couple of ulcers and since then it's cleared. Try not to stress but if it continues prob best to get any bleeding checked to put your mind at rest. Hope this helps
My specialist has stopped my pentasa saying he doesn't see that it works. Interestesting how different professionals have different opinions. I think if your in any doubt you should seek advice. I know it's not pleasant! Please keep us updated on how you are.
Thanks everyone, I really do appreciate your responses. Yes, I definitely get worked up sometimes about my symptoms. I'm just really scared more than anything. Like everyone, I don't want to get sick. Plus, I get flustered about the food thing. I think I sometimes feel like it's my fault if I get sick again because my diet isn't as good as it should be. I'm sure staying positive is probably one of the best ways of coping with uncertainty.

Jenny - interesting that your specialist stopped you on the pentasa. I was on imuran for about 14 mos, but my consultant told me recently after my last flare up that he didn't think it was working if I got a flareup while imuran. I've since stopped taking it. Everyone has such different suggestions for this disease. I know everyone is different, but still!

Thanks again everyone! I appreciate your thoughts.