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Throwing up?

Ok so this is the second time this has happened. I threw up a few weeks ago because I thought that I had just eaten something bad. Then today I felt a little sick most of the day. I mostly had a sore throat and was tired. Then yesterday evening I went to church and was feeling fine, but as soon as I got home I started getting a fevor. Then as. I am taking my imuran before I went to bed.(I had also taken tynaol) I immediately neded to throw up. Now that episode is over and I am not running a fevor anymore and I feel good again. I am going to contact my doc in the morning, but has anyone else had this happen to them or is it a reaction to my drugs? I am also on humira.

Thanks y'all!!


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I have and had a narrowing caused by inflammation and scar tissue. Overall I felt fine and a few hours after eating I'd throw up. Since there was no rhyme or reason to the random vomiting my mom took me to the ER where they found the stricture. I was put back on steroids and eventually a year later after nothing working (since it was mainly scar tissue) I had a resection.

Keep us posted on what the doctor says. :)
Could it be that the food you ate at those time is a trigger food for you. I noticed that I use to be able to eat pop corn no problem, love movie theater pc.

Last time at movie only ate a little pc and on the way home had to pull over on side of road to puke. Now pc makes me very sick.
At 5 weeks of Imuran, I started throwing up 30 minutes after I took it, but it happened every time and not just weeks apart. I ultimately had to stop Imuran due to pancreatitis.

Hoping its nothing more than a passing bug! Please keep us updated.
Doing much better now. I think since I went of all of my antibotics that opened my body up for some random bug to get in there. But two days later, I am much better now. My doc told me to hold up a day on my Humira injection and I went on a liquid diet for 24 hours, and I also need to stop eating my trigger foods!

Thanks for the support!