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Thyroid problems

Hi. Have any of you had thyroid issues pop up? I have Crohns and started humira almost a year ago. Since I started, I have gained about 15 pounds and I went to my normal doctor about it to make sure things were normal for my stupid weight gain. She checked my thyroid levels through blood work and that was all normal. She wanted an ultrasound too. There they found an enlarged thyroid and multiple small nodules. Of course I always have the cancer fear in the back of my mind. All the research I've done online says the nodules are 99% non cancerous but I'm still worried. I'm wondering if this is all Crohns related. Thanks for your input! I'm waiting to get in to the endocrine dr.


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Hello Tanya
How very worrying for you
Have you looked at the possible side effects of Humira.
It could be that the thyroid issue is totally unrelated and just bad luck
It seems odd that the blood work would be normal but it also depends on which thyroid tests were ordered
Good that the doc ordered the ultrasound.
Hope you get an early appointment with the endocrinology doctor
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
I tested as having a hyper thyroid over the summer, but after I met with an endocrinologist it was determined that it was due to the amount of Prednisone I was on for my Crohn's Disease.

I know once you have one autoimmune disease, it can end up leading to others....but I don't know 100% if nodules are autoimmune or not.

Sending positive vibes your way!!