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Lynda Lynda

Well, this sucks. I have to have my thyroid removed. My Endocrinologist has been monitoring my thyroid and thyroid nodules for a very long time. The nodules have been biopsied more than once, really nothing conclusive came from the biopsies.
I am going to see the Otolarynologist in August.
I'm 63 years old and tired. I'm done with being sick all of the time. 🤕
I'm sorry to hear that you're going through such a challenging time. While I can't provide medical advice, I can offer you words of encouragement. It's essential to stay positive and focus on taking care of yourself during this time.


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Hang in there, with illness like chrons the body often swings too far down and life can feel hopeless. Its like a rollercoaster. Just hang in there, better will come at some point. You have a plan in place to deal with the thyroid, and that is a good start.

Lynda Lynda

Thank You for your thoughts 😊
I have been seeing my Endocrinologist for probably 20 years. She is my favorite doctor. I trust her decision that it's finally time for my thyroid to be removed. She has been doing ultrasounds of my thyroid nodules consistently and even biopsies for quite a while.

The stress of my current living situation is not good for my physical and mental health, but I can't change where I live. I will have my thyroid surgery and come "home" to chaos. Being fatigued every day too just sucks. ☹.