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Tickly crawling feeling in anus

Anyone get this feeling, i've noticed it the last week. My bum was always burning on outside and feels like sores on inside.

Sure do. Usually when there is an abscess brewing. Sometimes it progresses to a feeling that something is eating it's way through the wall of my anus.

Ohhh I get this too at times.... So annoying. I realy dont know if it is something I should mention to my GI, and then how do you go about tell him that.

Excuse me, but is it normal for my butt hole to feel like something is crawling on it? lol
Yes its hard to talk about your bum. I'm still having a problem in bum for 2 weeks and no dr. has checked in there. I quess they don't really like checking in there. I've never in life been checked there, only 2 colonoscopies. I am planning on going to a dr i seen when my other useless dr. in away. I'm going to ask him to check if he doesn't on his own. This is going to be hard for me as it will be my first time. If he doesn't check on his own, how do i say it, check in my bum, its so embarrasing and humiliating. I'm going to have to toughen up in this area.
To all you fearful bum checkers: It's not like your doc is gonna laugh. They get this all the time. Explain your symptoms, and they'll get you to pull your pants out of the way. NOT COMPLETELY OFF.

Besides, if your symptoms are something they can easily explain, they might not even actually check your butt.
Just do it. "My ass is sore!" done.
Itchyness can be caused by hemorrhoids. Either way a quick check by your Dr should sort it out.

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hi, it could be a start of a fistula, get it checked out.
I think fistulas are pretty rare with UC, same risk as someone without IBD I remember reading. One of the few differences between Crohn's and UC.

This thread is a little old, but if you still haven't gotten it checked out could be something minor like hemorrhoids. I'm pretty sure I have a few from trying to make myself pass stool when I was constipated, it is a mixture of burning pain and itchiness after going - definitely going to have my doctor take a look next appointment.
thanks all for replies, havn't been on here for a couple days. Family dr. felt in there and said felt nothing, just a skin tag and small hemmi. Another dr. did a recto vaginal, not sure if that is what called and he said he felt nothing. Still have problem but it's not burning as much. When i feel around anus i feel some thickening around it but not completely around. That is where i feel the pain but it does seem to feel also inside. When dr did the test, what is it called-ditigal, it did not hurt, should it have hurt if pain is mostly on outer area.
I'm new to this forum, and I know this thread's almost a year old…but I saw this and now know that I'm not alone. I was just recently diagnosed, as my symptoms have greatly worsened over the past 2 years. Long story short, I have often felt a tingling, crawling sensation coming from my anus. I was worried that I had a tape worm or something, although I seriously doubted the notion at the same time with my 8+bowel movements per day. I also thought that perhaps I had swallowed one of my wife's hairs, and like the dog's often do, had a hair hanging out or something. I didn't think to mention this to my Dr., but the colonoscopy confirmed, no tape worms atleast. I am about to start seeing a new Dr, and I will definitely be discussing all of my symptoms, regardless of if I think they are associated with my condition.