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Time for fistula surgey.. yea?

So I found out today that I will be having massive surgery on February 11. They want to remove two different sections of my colon and remove the fistula that is connecting my bladder and my colon. They may also have to do some reconstruction of the bladder if it has been damaged because of the fistula. I could be in the hospital for up to a week, then on bed/home rest for almost 6 weeks. Please pray for peace in the midst of this storm because the recovery is going to be long and painful. Thanks everyone for your prayers! I will keep y'all updated as much as possible. Even though Feburay is a long way away, I was just wondering if anyone else had this surgery and what their recovery was like.

Thanks fellow crohnies!
Not too long to wait then, Jamie. You know I have had very similar surgery recently. There is just no comparison between how I feel now to how I felt pre-surgery. Normality for the first time in two years. Wishing you the same and all the best for the Festive Season.
Thanks Grumble!

I am nervous about the surgery, so I try not to think about it too much. I am just nit looking forward to the pain after words.
Welll friends.. here we are two weeks away from surgery. I had my pre op visit today and it was really easy. I thought they were going to ask me a bunch of questions, but they jsut listened to my heart, lungs, and stomach and they took my blood. Not too bad. I am not so nervous about the surgery any more. In fact, I keep having these nasty flares, so I am more then ready now to have the surgery, get it over with, and go back on with life. In fact in some strange way, I am looking forward too it.

I am the kind of person that likes to find the humor in everything, so when they told me that I was going to have to have an epidural (spelling??) and carry a pump bag with me, I get really excited about it. I said, "I am not having a baby! I'm getting my guts taken out!" The nurse thought it was funny. I was also told that the surgon is the best in this area at his craft and he knows what he is doing. So bye bye fistula, part of my sicky colon, and something with my bladder. You're not welcome in these parts any more!!
Lol, Jamie. After my op, when I was up and walking around I felt like the Queen or Margaret Thatcher with my 'handbag' ( catheter. ) It wasn't actually a discrete one either and I told them I wanted a Gucci :)
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Grumble, that's awesome!! I was telling someone the other day that once they get me up to walk for the first time, the old people on my floor will be doing laps around me. ha ha!! :D (I am 27 btw)
It went well. They removed two fistulas (I thought there was only one) they also took out one section of colon that was very inflamed. Lastly they only had to put a few stitches in my bladder. So I have a cath in my bladder and one in my back for pain. I am still on a liquid diet and I don't know if I will go off of it tomorrow. I hope to talk to the surgeon tonight to see what my timeline is for going home. I just don't want to take this cath home
As far as my pain it is not that bad and I am tired a lot but overall feeling pretty good!