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Time for Fleet

So my 3rd colonoscopy this year,Sent that ghastly klean-prep AGAIN!!!
Gives me the boak big time so had a nice wee blether with the lady at the help desk and boom,Fleet sent out next day,
My wonder is why the hell do they use this s*** when they have other stuff that you don't need to drink gallons of,I mean i have a bowel disease which causes me to piss out my arse at any given moment so why inflict this un necessary insult on us,just for the sake of a few pence...
Anyhoo 1st bottle done and i've nearly turned myself inside out with the amount of BM,Plus im as hungry as hell and cant wait to stuff my face with loads of crap.Fingers crossed they see what they're looking for and get the right treatment or operation,which ever it is i'm bloody ready for it
Another Xmas of eating dinner and spending half the day in the Loo is on the cards AGAIN.....


:eek: They do enjoy the torture they inflict upon us dont they?

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I too get to enjoy my own prep in a couple of weeks.

Hope you survive the night with your wee asshole intact!
lol thanks terriernut,my arsehole is stingin like a b**** and im hank marvin.
still got the 2nd installment of fleet of the stingy ring :)
Good luck tomorrow. I was given fleet the second time and what a difference. lessons learned . Look forward to whatever you get to eat when its all over . I usually go for a steak pie the next day keeps me focussed knowing there is some good food eventually.