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Time for Pred again...

Now that it's Tuesday officially it means I'll be seeing the family doc tomorrow, where I'll literally beg and plead for Pred if necessary...

I hate having to rely on it, but since I still don't have a diagnosis it's really impossible to be given anything else. i used to get relief off of the Cipro+Metrodonozole (sp?) combo but given the severity of my flares now I need the Pred.

Do you think it is possible to get almost immediate relief off Pred if I DIDN'T have an IBD? the last 3 severe flares I've had all the symptoms vanish within just a few days, at 25mg/day (than reducing by 5mg every 7 days).

This is the worst flare in my life. I've been keeping a detailed list again, going week by week and added to that week as things come along; this week I'm running at 13 symptoms of some sort (basically all yesterday), last week was at 14 symptoms (possibly 15, if the ER doctor was right). I'm losing my mind.

Here's another question
: if I don't have an IBD, would I get relief from Pred but minimal and short-lived relief on Morphine?


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Prednisone helps reduce inflammation. If there's no inflammation to reduce then I doubt it would do much of anything other than make you feel bad with side effects.

As for the morphine, that's meant to help with pain only is it not? So sure it would help with the pain for as long as you take it but once you stop taking it, if whatever was causing the pain is still there, then you'll be in pain again.
i have been on it for 5 days, felt better after first day. Diarrhea has reduced, blood gone from what i have noticed, and enough pain reduction that i could sleep on right side.