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Time for surgery

Yikes, I guess it's time to join the ranks of the resected. I just found out that my ileum is too far gone for medication to really do anything. I had some questions for anyone who has had a resection in the past. How long did your recovery take? I live in Boston, but I don't have any immediate family nearby to help. I'll probably be in the hospital for a few days post-surgery. Is it unrealistic to think I'll be able to take care of myself when I'm first released? How long did it take before going back to work? I have a desk job, but it's very high stress. I haven't told my employer I even have Crohn's yet and I'm not sure how they will react to me being out of work for any length of time. How about driving? How long does it take until you start feeling human again? So many questions... Thanks for any input.
Hi there Mike. I will give my answers based on my experience with my resection. However I did have family around to lend a hand.

I had my resection in March. I spent one week in the hospital and then a little over a week at home doing very little every day. I did go back to work just a little shy of 3 weeks from surgery date. However, my job at the time was one that I could sit at and not be doing anything strenuous. I also worked in a slower office. I doubt your surgeon will release you to go back to work that early if it's high stress. You can call and talk to him and his nurses about work and when you can return before even going in. They'll give you a ball park figure.

It does take a long time to get fully recovered. Obviously you will recover enough to function, but to be feeling 100% again will take a while. I know that I didn't have the stamina to do much every day. I would try and get up and move and get things done a little bit more every day, but you will pay for it by the end of the night. I'm stubborn though and wanted to get back to normal as fast as I could. heh It will take a while.

I think you can do it yourself, but I think you will need to pace yourself and be very careful. You'd be better off having someone there with you, but if you absolutely can't then I'm sure you will make it work. I would let your surgeon know as well that you will be doing it alone so he is aware. He might keep you an extra day or two at the hospital if you're going home alone.

My advice would be to make sure you have food already pre-made and ready for you. If that means cooking ahead of time and having it in the fridge or freezer so you can just re-heat it or having freezer food. You won't have the energy to stand up and cook for long periods of time.

I didn't have any restrictions on driving, but I know several others on here that have had resections did have some. I didn't drive until I went back to work, and family just drove me to appointments and such.

You will move slow and very gingerly for a little time, but you'll get there. :)

Good luck on it all and keep us posted how things go.


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I had my resection 1 year ago. It will probably be 6 weeks until you feel normal. Each day things get better and better. The sooner you can get out of bed and walk the halls in the hospital, the better off you will be. You don't realize it, but you lose a lot of muscle just lying in bed. I'm not telling you to do aerobics...Just to sit up in a chair and take short walks. Good luck. Let us know how everything goes.

Raleigh 1inadecade

I just has my surgery on Sept 1 2009, was a cool summers day. MY personal experience was not being nervous about going into the surgery and actually had fun with the aides in the OR before i was put under. It all turned when i woke up in the recovery room. I have never been more scared in my life than the time i spent there. Dont know why I was so panicked, but its whatever now.

They will probably give you a little button thingy that you can press to release some morphine into your system for the pain post op. Prepare for the most miserable week of your life. Coughing hurts(they will MAKE you do this), laughing hurts, rolling over hurts, dang near anything you do will cause you discomfort. I have a high threshold for pain so i handled it alot better than most. However, dont become dependent on the morphine or youll only slow down your recovery/discharge from the hospital. I stopped taking the morphine a day after surgery and was out of the place 3 days after surgery. As miss said, get up and walk, do it as early as possible or you will PAY for it later. Days are filled with that for a little while, and after your intestines wake up, yes wake up you can start eating solid foods again, but they will be light small frequent meals. Im currently 4 weeks out of the surgery and im still not spose to lift more than 15lbs but have felt fairly normal since about the 10th of september. Im still not back to my old self, but I am running again, up to 1.5 miles now.

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Post Opp

Hi Mike my nanes John - From Australia - 42yo male . i just had a double re-cection on the 25 Sept . They went in to remove my lower intestine where it attaches to the large bowel. It had become inflamed and partially blocked due to swelling . In doing so found another Fistulla joining the large bowel to this blockage so they removed both sections . I was in hospital for 4 days after surgery and started walking the next day athough only a short distance. I had my staples removed yesterday - 10 days after surgery - no pain and ive just stoped all oral pain relief as im finding it gave me dioreah. I have little pain and find the internal wind pain more of a discomfort. Im up and doing everything for myself but have lost about 5kg in weight. I work as a construction manager on building sites and have a job to go back to, but i think ill wait till the end of week 3 to see how i feel. The doctors told me that they had to handle my internal organs alot and this would slow my recovery somewhat. I agree with everything everyone above had to say and they had some good coments. This is my experience and everyone is different but i feel its a good guide.

Best of luck and let us know how you go........cheers John