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Time it takefor meds to kick in?


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New York, USA
time it takefor meds to kick in?

My husband just started taking Prozac, and I was wondering if anyone here has been on it and how long it took to kick in? Apparently he was told about 3 weeks.....but we need something NOW - tha will start helping now....

He also got some Seroquel, which he is supposed to take 50mg at night (to help his mind slow down and help him get to sleep)....

arrgghhh...just frustrated, annoyed, upset, PISSED about his behavior tonight -acting like a little kid (not the first time) - and has convinced himself he is better off living alone.....


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Hey Paso, :hug:

Unfortunately antidepressants, whether they be SSRI's or MAOI's, all take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to have full effect, with 3 weeks being the average time take to kick in. :(

I guess you could try the benzodiazepines until the Prozac starts working. Seroquel is a derivative of Benzodiazipine but I was thinking more along the line of Diazepam (Valium), it has a kick in time of about 30 mins, for most people, if the dose is right.

Thinking of you! :heart:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Prozac does takle 3 weeks for you to notice an effect of the mood lifting a little. It can, in some people make you feel a little calmer prior to that though.
Be very careful with benzodiazepines though, they have a very addictive nature that can in itself cause anxiety if you use for more than a few days. There are alternative sleeping agents that do not have this addictive quality.

Clearly there are some who need benzos as prescribed (if they have been on for a while or serious mental health issues) but just be careful and ask if they can offer alternatives.


My friend had taken it, after 5 days began to notice a slow improvement. After 2 weeks much better.

Have you considered putting him in the freezer under lock and key until it kicks in? Just a thought. Alternatively are there any pills to make him sleep until it takes effect?

I dont mean to make light of the situation Paso, you know I dont. Its a very serious situation indeed. If it gets too much, may I cordially invite you and your beautiful child to my home for the time being? I could spoil you rotten, I love guests.

For now Huuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss