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Tips for a New Kid Fighting Exhaustion after Running

I'm new to this forum, new as of today as a matter of fact. I got diagnosed with Crohn's in January and am just getting to the point of feeling better and able to work out. I am in the military and must run in order to pass my physical fitness tests. So I started running again last week, with the impending doom of my eval next month. I found that I'm okay while I run, but am physically exhausted about an hour afterwards, to the point where I can barely stay awake. Does anyone have any tips for battling this fatigue after a workout other than large amounts of caffeine?



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I've never heard of large amounts of caffeine being a good thing after a workout. I'd try something like complex sports drinks with electrolytes. It's not needed for people doing a regular workout because of all the salt that's in them but if you're in the military, I highly doubt you're doing some puny 20min workout. So in your case things like Gatorade (as an example but you want something with a higher content of electrolytes than Gatorade has) and other sports drinks would be a good idea.
My GI doc doesnt recommend I take too much doses of caffeine...so might want to be careful...maybe it wouldnt affect you but im just saying. It sucks that you get tired, I know what you are talking about...try taking a lot of protein, energetic juice blends and there are this box of 12 little powder bags that you drink with water that give you energy, helps you heals inside and supports the immune system...its called "Juven" ....i take two a day and there are pretty good...one in the morning and one in the afternoon...keeps me running
Yeah, I know the caffeine definitely isn't good for me, especially after a workout, but sometimes it seems to be the only way to stay awake. Thanks so much to you both for your suggestions. I'll try em both and see what works best for me. Everything seems to be a trial and error kind of game to see what's gonna help or hurt. Much appreciation :)
Is it possible to eat those energy bars while you are running? Maybe if you can keep your blood sugar up as you run, you'll have more left in the tank when your done. I'm just tossing this out as an idea, not sure if it would work or not. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
Hi Greeneyes,
I've been experiencing similar problems... I've been an athlete for years, but I'd just been d y i n g after workouts (assuming I feel good enough to even get my butt outside) up until about a month ago.

A couple things:
The caffeine will likely make you worse in the long run. It wreaks havoc on my system.

As hard as it is, maybe cut your workouts back and then work back up. You have to cut yourself some slack! Especially in the beginning.

My biggest helper- Prednisone, 5 mg in the morning, 5 mg in the afternoon. This was my turning point. Reverses the body's effect of fighting "itself" (hence the fatigue).

Good luck, Greeneyes! I can relate ... Keep me posted.