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Tips for ostomies

I have had an ostomy for 13 years. For those people who are thinking about one or whom are new, I wanted to start this thread on tips to help. I hope those who have dealt with this will share thier little tricks.

Always carry an extra patch and bag. Always keep extra clothing around. These things can come loose at anytime ,but after awhile you will notice when it needs to be changed. This is reeal important any time you go in for a medical exam.

Research the internet on new supplies.

Convatec has some new wafers foe those whose output is mostly liquid these work great.

Underware; I started wearing underarmour that go halfway down my thighs this helps great for support of the pouch.

For intimate situations there are devices that hide the bag if you so desire but I have found if someone really cares it doesn't matter

If your going to a movie make sure you eat about an hour before if not sit on the outside seat you will be getting up.

I will write more later I have to go for now but wanted to start this thread.

I had to go into A&E (ER) on Saturday night because my stoma prolapsed. the surgeon wasn't on until yesterday (Monday) morning, so they couldn't do anything.

It was sticking out about 65mm (2 and half inches) and about 40mm (1 and half inches) thick.

He tried to push it back in while I was on the bed but couldn't because of the pain. The more he pushed, the more I tensed up, making it harder for him.

I had to go into surgery yesterday evening and so far it's OK.

Has this happened to any one?

It was the large bowel side that prolapsed, not the small bowel side. (I have a looped ileostomy). The surgeon admitted that he hadn't seen this happen before.

Any one got any tips on how to stop this happening again.
God Cameron, 6 inches!!!
Makes mine pathetic in comparison.

Is yours a looped ileostomy too?

The surgeon did say it was normal, except it normally happens on the active stoma side. Mine happened on the large bowel, inactive side. This is what he hadn't seen before.

All good advise, by the way. I'm still learning abut my pouch/stoma.

You mentioned gas, I have been given small sashays that I put into the pouch. They seem to take away odours.

One question though, sometimes I wake up in the night, and the pouch is blown up like a balloon with gas. It's almost as if it's about to burst. It doesn't happen every night, only about 25% f the time.
Is this Normal for everyone?
I think it was Sharon (Merrywidow) who said on an earlier ostomy thread, that, when we lay down, the filter gets wet and won't allow the gas to get out.

I always have a fear that I will roll over onto it and burst it!!!

By the way, my stoma nurse gave me a belt that, I think, normally is worn by people with hernia problems. It's about 8 inches wide and is of stretchy material. It's quite comfortable to wear. She said it would give support to the stoma to stop it prolapsing.
The belts are a waste of time if you will look into the thigh length under wear ( and I dont mean boxers ) it helps suppot better. As for as the gas at night Start noticing how long you have after you eat that you empty your pouch . That will give you how much time you should not eat or drink before bed . That will help some.
Instead of paste try the cohesive eakin seals they work much better.
After I had my colon removed if I ever had to be scoped it was only necessary to only drink half of the required fleet . That stuff is nasty.

Sheets on your bed switch to colored sheets its easier to get the stains out if it leaks.

Once I was out eating with my brother and friends before we left I had just changed the patch. Right before we were finshed eating the patch came loose of course soiled the front of my pants ( how was I going to stand up and walk out without embarrasement ) easy accidently spilled my drink in my lap all over me DARN.
Hey you gotta do what ya gotta do.

If your pouch is constant liquid eat marshmallows or bananas, peanut butter it will thicken it up.
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