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Tired all the time.



Hello all:
I am tired all the time. I am not depressed. I am also taking naps during the day too. I also see my GI next monday. What should I ask him?
Tired all of the time. Do you feel like you have energy or do you feel like you are just always tired. Sometimes my eyes are tired but my body is fully awake other times my body is tired but my eyes just dont want to close.

Good luck


Your tired all the time? Could be as simple as your dehydrated. Maybe you need more b-12...its obsorbed in your terminal illieum and if you have inflammation there then it wouldnt absorb as easy.


When your body is fighting increased inflammation, you are experiencing malabsorption and possibly anemia, it is not that strange to think you are tired. When I was a few weeks away from surgery I would sleep 9 hours a night, and still wake up quite tired. I had no energy most of the day.

Ensure that you are eating nutritious food (even though you may not absorb everything too well) and drinking a lot. Also you may need to take iron pills if you have anemia (are you bleeding at all? blood loss would cause this). This is something a blood test and diagnosis from your doctor would tell you. You can take iron over the counter, but I think it can be dangerous so speak to your doctor about it.

Do not stress and realize that you need to let your body rest so that it can fight the good fight inside you.
I have been constantly tired for..nearly 6 years now since the crohns crap started. Doctors havent been able to help me any on that, though they do try to blame it on imuran. I can sleep all day, and still be quite tired.

Good luck on finding a solution, being tired sucks


I was veery tired when I was flaring at the worst time...I was home from work for a month, and was sleeping 8-10 hours a night and then taking two 1-2 hour naps each day also. Fighting a chronic disease is very taxing on your body, so listen to your body and rest as you need to when you're flaring.

And definitely do the iron if you're anemic, it does make a difference.
Leah ~
I am experiencing the same problem. I go to see the GI on Monday but I cannot get enough sleep plus I have no energy as well. I have been sleeping around 17-18 hours a day and still just want to close my eyes and go to sleep.

I had my blood work taken and I am not overly anemic at this time. And I am not using the bathroom more than normal so I am at a loss as well.

Good luck at the dr Monday and try to get some rest :)



marcia said:
I have been sleeping around 17-18 hours a day and still just want to close my eyes and go to sleep.
eeek! :ywow:
that would just make me want to sleep forever.. I find for me it backfires. If I get too much Im even more dead feeling and so week, all I can do is sleep some more. I have to force myself to move around and get some fresh air or Im done for days.
:) sweet dreams all.


I noticed that right after my surgery I had a TON of energy. These days it's subsiding again. I wonder if that means that I'm starting to flare again? :shifty-t: Or maybe it's just all the sugar in my diet (which is horrible for my CD as well). All I know is that I haven't had what I consider to be a high level of energy since I had mono the summer before my senior year of high school. (But ask my coworkers, and they'll tell you I'm a bundle of energy. Go fig...)