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Tired of being sick

tired of being sick

hello all at the undiagnosed club. for the last 7 months things have been going downhill for me. i had a anal fissure and went to the crs 3 times and she finally told me that it was healed? while all that was going on i was having anal pain so bad and i finally went back to crs and now i have a external hemm. the other problems i have is 21 pounds of weight loss in 1 month, sick to my stomach, pain on the right lower side after eating, occasional black stool, diarrhea and then constipation. i went to a gastro doc 2 weeks ago and he did so blood testing and also a celiac panel, he is also considering crohns. it is so hard for me to do every day things because i have anal pain or diarrhea and dont feel like leaving the house. i am waiting on my blood tests and then to find out what other testing the gastro wants to do. i know he said something about a small bowell follow through ( what ever that is). i am happy i found this site and people to talk to .
Hi Jenny, welcome to the undiagnosed club :) Sorry to hear you have been through so much!

It's likely you will have a colonoscopy and or upper endoscopy before the small bowel follow through as those are often done first. They are not easy but the laxative prep for the c-scope is certainly the worst part and in the US you get proper sedation for the procedures (in the UK we only get twilight!).

Hope you get some answers soon and don't forget to stop by when you can to let us know how you're feeling and any news :soledance:


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Hi Jenny, sorry to hear you're not doing so well, but glad to hear that you will be having more tests soon. Have you mentioned the black stools to your doctor? Black stools can mean bleeding higher up in your digestive tract (in other words, blood that isn't coming from hemorrhoids or fissures). Losing that much weight in a month is also worrying. Do you ever do drinks like Ensure or Boost? Those are usually pretty easy to get down, and have calories, vitamins and nutrients and might help you gain some of your weight back. Best of luck to you, I hope the tests can shed some light onto what's causing your pain and I also hope that you can get some relief soon and feel better.