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Hey guys! These past 2 weeks Ive been flaring since my remi has worn off. Next infusion is tomorrow (1/28) :) And idk why but Ive been generally exhausted I'm mean seriously exhausted. I slept pretty much all day yesterday (1\26) and today is pretty much the same oh and thanks to the flare I'm barely eating since last week. Pretty much on a 85\90% liquid diet with soft food when I can handle it or my stomach screams at me to eat. And my head hurts? Weird. Any who just trying to see if anyone else gets extremely tired and sleep constantly while flaring. Ive been tired before during a flare but not this tired its like all my body wants to do is sleep. Its odd.
Also, my joints are killing me which makes me not want to move. I hurt all over -__- blah!!
I also get extremely tired when I'm having a flair. The last few weeks have been terrible between work and school and my Crohn's. I usually sleep as much as I can just to be able to keep going. Good luck! Hope your next infusion makes it better.
Glad I'm not the only one. I wish you luck with work and school. I know there's absolutely no way I could do either of those. Lol the remi is gonna make me sleep from when I get home till the next day. I'm excited